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11/01/2021 au 31/01/2021 - 1st DNAqua International Conference

L’AFL est partenaire du 1st DNAqua International Conference qui se tiendra virtuellement au mois de mars (9-11) à Evian

Tout est disponible sur le site : https://symposium.inrae.fr/dnaqua-conference-evian2021

Lots of highlights

1) Free attendance (Thanks to COST and our supporters)

2) Great keynote speakers to highlight advances in aquatic bioassessment and montoring world-wide

3) 100% virtual but interaction with speakers and during poster sessions possible

4) Options for free OA-publication of as part of Topical Issues in the new MBMG journal, edited by DNAqua-Net WG leaders

5) Six DNAqua-Net awards (each 300 €) for best student presentations (students: check the respective box during registration process)

6) Different presentation formats - and no overlapping presentations so that we can all follow all topics

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